Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lu Hua Temple

Cynthia's impressions of Lu Hua ("reed flower") temple:

In the mountains above the 4th Patriarch's Temple, about 2 miles up a steep, still-being-built road, a newly built nunnery nestles gently in a setting that seems to have been waiting for its appearance. Unlike other temples we have visited, this modest temple seems perfectly integrated into the surroundings with a lovely lake fed by a waterfall. Plants from outside the walls flow into the grounds. The buildings have more human, less grand proportions. A young Chinese man commented that everything in the "female monks" temple was required to be smaller. I am guessing the nuns are more comfortable in their connection with the earth and more earthly proportions.

There was a welcoming shyness in the smiles of the few nuns we encountered. They all seemed very busy as they went about their daily routines. I feel very pleased with this brief encounter in what has otherwise been a very male dominated institution.

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