Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ganden Monastery slideshow

Ganden Monastery is the central monastery for Gelug, the sect in which the present Dalai Lama received his training. It was founded in 1409 by Tsongkhapa.

According to the Wikipedia article on Gelug sect:

"Tsongkhapa was an enthusiastic promoter of the Kadam School's emphasis on the Mahayana principles of universal compassion as the fundamental spiritual orientation. He combined this with a strong emphasis on the cultivation of in-depth insight into the doctrine of emptiness as propounded by the Indian masters Nagarjuna (2nd century) and Candrakirti (7th century). Tsongkhapa said that these two aspects of the spiritual path, compassion and insight into wisdom, must be rooted in a wholehearted wish for liberation, all impelled by a genuine sense of renunciation. He called these the 'Three Principal Aspects of the Path'"

Much of the monastery was destroyed by artillery fire in 1959 and 1966. Today it is once again undergoing reconstruction.

Photos taken today are at:

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